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Welcome to Sarah Evelyn Edits

Want to save time, publish consistently perfect posts that are easy to read, beg to be shared, and on SEO point? You can, with Sarah Evelyn Edits. For an inexpensive monthly retainer, have every single blog post and email newsletter professionally edited and your SEO pulled up to scratch before you click “Publish”.

Editing and SEO

You need a service that will provide editing and search engine optimisation for each and every post – long or short, with very little lead time, and for a reasonable set price that’s easily paid every month.

Style and Tone

You need someone who understands your voice – because they’re your target market – and who doesn’t reduce your quirky, emoji-filled writing to something sterile and impersonal.

Meta Data

You need someone who’s not afraid to go into the back-end of your blogging system and sort out things like focus keywords and meta descriptions – because it’s just one more thing on your rather large blogging plate and you simply just don’t. have. time.

Why we offer a whole month free

1-Month Free Trial

Sometimes, people don’t believe that we offer blog editing and SEO services for free. We offer you a free trial of ten posts up to 1,200 words (if they run over, we just count them as two). You can decide whether you’d like your ten posts edited over two weeks or a month.

We offer our free trial without any credit card details, commitment, or anything else. But free blog editing and SEO trials have really been the magic sauce in building our business. This is why

  • We build trust
  • We trust others
  • We perfect our workflow before charging
  • We offer it to everyone
  • We give you the option to decide
Our services

What do we do?

We customize our offering depending on what YOU need, but our core activities are to:

  • Fix all spelling and grammar errors
  • Make your meaning clear and easy to read
  • Check that all links work
  • Make sure your posts are evergreen
  • Insert organic focus keywords
  • Write a meta description for your post
  • Insert alt text on images
  • Ensure SEO best practice is followed
And how much does it cost?

We currently offer two packages

Up to 10 posts per month

These may include email newsletters, guest posts or anything else, but if they run over 1,200 words we’ll count them as two.
$80.00/ MO

Up to 20 posts per month

These may include email newsletters, guest posts or anything else, but if they run over 1,200 words we’ll count them as two.
$120.00/ MO

Need e-book editing? A more advanced SEO package? Ghost-writing services? Commenting moderation or social media scheduling?
‘Enquire within’ as they used to say in shop windows (a.k.a just send us a friendly message!).


  • Sarah has been such an incredible addition to our team. We previously handled ALL writing/editing, etc. and it got to the point where we were letting things that were less than stellar head out the door. Sarah swooped in and saved the day. She got us to stop flying so much by the seat of our pants and schedule writing in advance. This not only has allowed us to be better writers from the get go, but adds time to get valuable feedback from Sarah. She is now a crucial part of our everyday process. Highly recommend!

    Abagail and Emylee from Think Creative Collective
    Abagail & Emylee
    from Think Creative Collective
  • I first hired an editor to help me catch typos in my blog posts, but what I didn’t realize is how helpful the editing process would be for so many other aspects of polishing up my writing, from sprucing up sentence grammar to maintaining consistency in my recipes and writing. Sarah’s company has been a great addition to my blogging process!

    Kath from Kath Eats Real Food
    from Kath Eats Real Food
  • Sarah Evelyn Edits is a lifesaver. I am notorious for spelling typos and weird phrasing from copy-and-paste errors. As a professional blogger, such errors make me look, well, unprofessional. Sarah is not only quick, reasonably-priced and accurate, she also has a good sense of flow and voice when it comes to writing for the web. My professional blog is much more professional with Sarah’s help!

    Christie from Mountainside Bride
    from Mountainside Bride
  • After being an army of one for so many years, I realized that to scale my business up to the next level I needed a team. Proofing, editing and tweaking my writing is tedious. Anyone who’s a writer knows that self-editing can be the death of us! Lol. Fortunately I found Sarah Evelyn Laurence and her team of brilliant editors to help. With their assistance, key eye and appreciation for my unique voice, my editing woes are no longer… and now I can spend that time with creating more content and the like. Do yourself a favor and just try them for a month – I did – and now I plan to use them ongoing (until they get tired of me).

    Dai Manuel from daimanuel.com
    Dai Manuel
    from daimanuel.com
Ready for your free trial?
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