15 minutes with: British Problogger and Pinterest Jedi, Monica Welburn

Today we’re lucky enough to spend to time with Monica Beatrice Welburn, who blogs full-time at The Elgin Avenue, and has been featured in The Glitter Guide. She’s super sweet and such a darling, as well as a talented lifestyle blogger who posts about life in England, beauty, style and travel. Recently, Monica has taken the Pinterest world by storm, increasing her followers exponentially! (More on that below.) Readers can also shop her posts here.

15 minutes with monica beatrice welburn sarah evelynimage: Monica Beatrice Welburn for The Glitter Guide

1. Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers.

My name is Monica Beatrice Welburn, and I am the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog The Elgin Avenue. The Elgin Avenue is an online destination for a daily dose of something stylish and lovely. I am all about positivity, so I hope that my readers leave my site feeling happy and inspired. The blog began as a personal style site, and has evolved as I’ve grown to encompass a roster of subjects including interiors, advice, travel and more.
15 minutes with monica beatrice welburn sara evelyn
 image: Glow Beauty. How stunning is she?
2. Since the beginning of this year, you and your intern Elle have been focusing on growing your Pinterest following. How have you grown from 100 to 132 421 followers in such a short time?
We are actually on 230K followers now! We grew from around 1,500 in January this year, so the surge has been incredible. The Elgin Avenue is a Pinterest business partner, which helps us stay engaged with Pinterest directly. Any business can sign up for this, and it allows you access to Pinterest’s business newsletter which has tips for maximising your profile. My team and I follow every piece of advice to a T.
Pinterest fundamentals we follow include:
  • Make your boards specific: for example ‘Striped Breton Tops’ rather than ‘Tops’
  • Write useful accurate captions: for example ‘Denim Shirt Outfit + Pleated White Skirt.’ Hashtags do not work on Pinterest so there is no need to use them.
  • Pin every day, preferably at the same time. We try to Pin at around 6pm GMT.
  • Make sure every board has 40+ pins.
  • Spread word of your Pinterest activity via other social media.

15 minutes with monica beatrice welburn sara evelyn

image: June Birchbox x French Sole

3. Tell us about your experience at the Pinterest UK head office. What did you learn?
Meeting the Pinterest team reinforced all of the points above. I would suggest @’ing Pinterest in your promo activity on Twitter and Instagram, the team keep track of profiles that are engaging with them.
15 minutes with monica beatrice welburn sarah evelyn
4. What are your top tips for growing a brand and building a business in a saturated digital marketplace? 
I know this is what everyone says, but be genuine and share your point of view. If you are looking to give your two cents on a subject, genuinely add your opinion to the mix – it is that authority which people will seek in you. Visuals are also hugely important. Before you launch your business, start a folder with visual inspiration, be it an Instagram feed you love, or a website layout. You may not know how you want your online identity to look like initially, but you will begin to see a common thread develop if you keep a record of visuals you like. There are so many resources for constructing visually appealing businesses now, a well designed brand identity will help you look professional from day one.
15 minutes with monica beatrice welburn sarah evelyn
5. How has your background in fashion helped you to grow your blog and connect with your audience?
I started my blog in the first year of my BA Hons degree in Fashion PR; I couldn’t say for sure, as I have never directly asked my readers, but perhaps being a fashion student leant a certain authority to The Elgin Avenue even in its infancy. Having worked in fashion since the age of sixteen I keep up to date with trends, products and brands which allows me to relay information in a timely manner to my readers. I wouldn’t say that you need to work in fashion to be clued up however, but a passionate interest is crucial. I feel that my readers and I share interests, so I am as on board with listening to what they have to say – if a readers recommends that I check out ‘X’ beauty brand or ‘X’ designer, I’ll do just that!
Thanks Monica! We wish you all success with your journey! Follow The Elgin Avenue on Bloglovin
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