8 Surefire Ways to Get Your Guest Posts Accepted

Sarah Evelyn Edits: 8 Surefire ways to get your guest posts accepted

As you know, guest posting is one of the best ways to reach a new audience, and we’ve rounded up 8 ways to get your guest posts accepted.

Two recent guest posts I’ve written include 9 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Digital Nomad (for the amazing Think Creative Collective), and How To Write Better Blog Posts (for Confessions of a Design Geek).

1. Pitch guest posts to people who want them.

Some websites don’t accept guest posts. Some are so flooded with enquiries that you may be lost in the crowd. So do your research. Write down the names of ten websites in your niche (that is, blogs that your target market read and use) and then look on their site to see if they accept guest posts. If you can’t find the information, look at their blog. Who are the posts written by? One of the best ways to get your guest posts accepted is to be clever about who you pitch to.

2. Send the pitch and outline in the way that they want them

Most blogs that accept guest posts will outline HOW they want you to pitch. This will usually include your details and an outline of your post (or the whole post). Remember, that the bloggers can’t see you, don’t have a lot of time to research your fabulousness, and are therefore depending on your pitch. The easier you can make it for them, the more of a no brainer it’s going to be for them to accept your guest posts.

3. Ensure that your pitch is PERFECT 

The blogger you are pitching to wants the guest posts on her blog to be good, and she also doesn’t want to have to run after you and your guest post with spellcheck. Handing in a pitch or guest post with grammatical errors is a surefire way not to get your guest posts accepted! Double, triple check for spelling errors, grammar errors, readability, and so on.

4. Write in your voice, but suit the tone of the host blogger.

You need to be authentic. But you also need to be aware that you’re hoping to publish on someone else’s turf. Therefore, write in your voice, to your target market. If you’ve chosen the blog well then your voice may not be that different to that of the host blogger’s, but you’re still you’re and they’re still them. So write in your voice, but be aware of the tone and type of post the blogger publishes.

5. Ensure that your post is helpful, and solves a reader’s problem.

A practical post that addresses and solves a problem found in your target market (it doesn’t have to be everyone’s problem, but it needs to exist) is what host bloggers really want to publish. So instead of writing a nice, fluffy, airy-fairy post, write something that teaches your target market how to overcome a challenge. Do that consistently, and it’s a surefire way to get your guest posts accepted.

6. Draft, write, and edit, edit, and edit.

Instead of sitting down, banging out a post and submitting it straight away, remember the steps you had to take in high school. Have a draft or outline. Write the post. Give yourself some time and your head some space away from it. Go back to it. Edit it. Fix all errors, of course, but also rewrite sentences that are unclear, take out words and sentences that are unnecessary, tighten up the paragraphs, pay attention to formatting. Make it better.

7. Once published, respond to comments.

Once your post has been published, respond to comments underneath the post, as well as on social media. Your host blogger will most likely advertise the post using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on, so make sure you see these posts and respond to any comments or encouraging words.

8. Make it long term (and double your chances of being invited back). 

Manage and foster your relationship with the blogger or publisher – they may ask you to become a regular, or collaborate with them! Even if that’s not on the cards, you’ll have won an online friend! It pays to do everything you try really, really well, keep in touch, and, maybe you’ll be asked again.

So, these are the 8 ways to get your guest posts accepted. Do you have any others to add?

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