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Sarah LaurenceI created Sarah Evelyn Edits for busy bloggers who need each post checked and edited – fast. Tired of grappling with Yoast? Want to punch the Oxford comma in the face? Getting too many rude comments about spelling and grammar mistakes?

With Sarah Evelyn Edits on an easy monthly retainer, you can increase your professionalism and authority as an expert, improve your SEO, make old posts new again, and communicate your message more effectively.

I’m Sarah. A writer, educator, English student and Learning and Development Manager from Cape Town, South Africa. My husband and I travel the world pretty much full time and have lived all over the place.

The seed of the idea for Sarah Evelyn Edits came to me while reading a Dutch blog I enjoy, written in English. Although the graphics were beautiful and the content useful, the second-language nature of the blog meant that it was littered with spelling and grammar errors, and had some style and formatting inconsistencies. As much of the blog’s readership were from around the world and many of its readers were first-language English, I knew that in order to be successful this blog needed help.

Sarah Evelyn Edits: I was born for it, baby!
Some proof that I always did have a passion for words, desks, and comfy writing cardigans. Born this way, baby!

And the more I read blogs, the more I realised the help that so many blogs, around the world, needed. They needed another eye to check their spelling and grammar (and catch the kind of mistakes that spell check just doesn’t). They needed consistent formatting, to be clear in what they were saying, to nudge posts from only-relevant-this-week into evergreen territory, and for the basics of SEO to be placed into their posts so that their work could be found, read, and shared by ever-widening audiences.

In order to get something edited, you generally pay someone by the hour, or number of words. But if you’re a blogger, you know that this just doesn’t make sense at all in the blogosphere.

Sarah Evelyn Edits

As a blogger you need a service that will provide editing and search engine optimisation for each and every post – long or short, and with very little lead time and for a reasonable set price that’s easily paid every month.

You need someone who understands your voice – because they’re your target market – and who doesn’t reduce your funny, emoji-filled writing to something sterile and impersonal.

You need someone who’s not afraid to go into the back-end of your blogging system and sort out things like focus keywords and meta descriptions – because it’s just one more thing on your rather large blogging plate and you simply just don’t. have. time.

Sarah Evelyn Edits: Values

And without thinking too much about it – that’s just what I started doing with a small handful of clients who really needed my services. I had no track record to go on, and so I offered (and still do!) free trials. (Here’s how you can get one.) We became friends with our clients – people whose daily lives I read about and who trusted me and my team with their words and login details, and to marshal their posts from pretty freaking great to perfect. 

Our team hails from around the world, united by their love for words, mean editing skills, and ability to look after our clients – each one a VIP. 

Our Mission & Vision

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Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values

It makes the world go round. It drives out fear.

We want to be kind. To each other, to our clients, and (even more importantly) to our non-clients, ex-clients and never-gonna-be our clients. When things don’t go according to plan, we want to be kind to ourselves. Kindness is the manifestation of love.

We believe that every day can be beautiful. We believe that there is beauty in every place. We add to the beauty in the world through our work.

We have so many things to feel joyful about. We bet you do too. Feel the joy!