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Sarah Evelyn Edits: Blog editing free trial - the process

A few weeks ago I wrote a post explaining why we offer a blog editing free trial, and what it’s done for our business. Although the format of the free trial will change slightly in January, in line with our new service offerings, many people ask us how the free trial works.

Here’s the breakdown: You learn about our blog editing free trial and SEO services, and you decide that it’s something that just may add the value you’re looking for in your business, so you tell us you’re interested in a free trial.

We say, “Yay! Welcome to the Sarah Evelyn family!” and I introduce you to your Editing Account Manager over email.

Depending on whether you’d like us to edit your posts over Google Drive or in WordPress (or Squarespace, or whatever you use), we either set up folders for you, or you create a login for us. Then, you tell us as specifically as possible what you’d like us to focus on (better keywords, for instance, or spelling, or checking all your links). We do a range of things for all our clients anyway, but it’s always helpful for us to know what you really want out of your process. You also tell us what posts you’d like us to work on – all posts in your Draft folders for instance, or your Published posts, from most to least recent.

Then we get to work. We generally publish one post per week day (depending on your deadlines).

Your trial consists of up to 20 posts and is held either from the first to the end of the month, or the 15th to the 15th. If posts run over 1,200 words, we count them as two.

FAQ 1: What is your turnaround time?

24 hours during the workweek, for each post.

FAQ 2: How do you charge after your free trial?

We invoice you for the current month on the 25th of each month, over PayPal.

FAQ 3: What do you charge?

You can see our rates and packages here.

FAQ 4: How many months am I committed to?

This is something we may change down the line, but you’re only committing yourself month by month. Need to take some time out of your blog? Just let us know.

The trial process allows us to get to know you, and what your brand needs, as well as to work out the working process that best first both you and us. Any questions? Please ask us below!

Fancy a one-month editing & SEO trial? You got it! Send us a message here, and we’ll set it up for you.


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