28th October 2016

Friday Linkspiration | This week’s most inspiring links

How was your week? We’re visiting Craig’s family in Durban, which is a two-hour flight from Cape Town. Yesterday we had a lovely massage (what a treat!) and went out for brunch – after the red-eye – to Old Town Italy, a beautiful and authentic Italian restaurant, butchery, bakery, gelateria and deli. Here are the most inspiring links from our week. 1. The difference between being and doing. 2. How to find your flow in a full-time job (when it...
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25th October 2016

Sarah Evelyn Edits: Our October Newsletter

Links: Kath at Kath Eats Real Food Our Instagram Trello for Business course    
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24th October 2016

Blog Editing & SEO: Why we offer a whole month free

Sometimes, people don’t believe that we offer blog editing and SEO services for free. For a whole month. Without any credit card details, commitment, or anything else. I’ve received a thoughtful and polite email from someone telling me that I’m hurting the industry by giving away work for free (with which I don’t agree, because so many services offer free trials). I’ve had wise counselors recommend I either end the free trials, or reign in their terms (and the number of...
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21st October 2016

Overcoming Doubt with Seth Godin & Marie Forleo: Key Takeaways

I’m a big fan of both the generous-spirited, straight-talking Marie Forleo and insightful, no-bull marketing and entrepreneurial genius Seth Godin. So when Marie’s email announcing their interview landed in my inbox on Tuesday, I made time to give it my full attention. Watch it and join the conversation here. Below I’ve picked out some key parts of the interview that resonated with me, but I can recommend watching it in its entirety. On having a sensational life Your life doesn’t get more...
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19th October 2016

How to Write Better Blog Posts (Confessions of a Design Geek)

Blogs have become an increasingly important part of many new designers’ websites, providing somewhere to share behind-the-scenes images, latest news, and the frequently updated content that is so important for SEO. But not all designers are born writers and many people dread the weekly blog post that lingers towards the bottom of their to-do list. So, we asked online editor Sarah Evelyn Laurence for her top tips. Here’s what she had to say… “Why bother?” you may ask. What role...
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2nd September 2016

9 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Digital Nomad (Think Creative Collective)

So happy to be featured on Think Creative Collective’s blog today! A few days ago while sitting on a train, I listened in on (I know I’m not the only one, am I right?) a group of girls talking about their career plans. One of them, bless her optimistic heart, was becoming a graphic designer so she could travel to Thailand, and “I’d only need to find about four hours a day to work – it should be easy enough”....
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