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Sarah Evelyn - Friday Linkspiration | The Most Inspiring Links from Around the Web

This week was a busy one – we returned from Durban on Monday afternoon, so I’ve been playing a bit of catchup. I’ve had a few meetings this week, which made me look up from my laptop, and see some awesome people, and I’m looking forward to my team get together tomorrow!

How was your week?

1. 4 ways to curb a panic attack.

2. How to become indispensable in a company. 

3. How to style open shelving.

4. How do you define trendy and classic? How to define it for yourself.

5. How to write a post-interview thank you letter (with template).

6. Six ways to survive the holidays without losing your blog readers.

7. The easy brownie recipe I’m making this weekend!

8. A great system for keeping a clean house all week long.

9. A dreamy model apartment in Manhattan.

10. And lastly, a BRILLIANT post on how to recommit to your blog and see tangible progress.


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