The Secret to Perfect Blog Images

Sarah Evelyn - the secret to perfect blog images

You’ve seen them. Those seemingly-unobtainable, perfect blog images. Look at the following three Pinterest boards:

Sarah Evelyn - The secret to perfect blog images Sarah Evelyn - The secret to perfect blog images
Sarah Evelyn - The secret to perfect blog images

What do you notice?

Clean and simple flatlays and background images and consistent formatting.

Turns out, you don’t have to be a designer to achieve perfect blog images too.

Perfect blog images step 1: Invest in a selection of good images

I’ve always been in LOVE with beautiful desk-scapes and flatlays. I hankered after Shay Cochrane’s collections, which are so beautiful, but were beyond my price range (however, if you sign up for her awesome newsletter, you’ll get access to a free monthly image). So I took some of my own, which isn’t impossible to do, and they came out ok (you can check them out here, here, and here) but they weren’t the perfect blog images I was looking for.

Of course, there are great sites that offer free images, such as Unsplash. Although I love their photography though, their images are not a great fit for my brand.

So to take my images to the next level, I had to invest. I chose to pay a subscription to Haute Chocolate, which allows me a year of unlimited access to all the styled stock on the site – and it’s amazing!

The options on offer include graphics packs, with which you can style your website, frequently-updated new collections, archived collections, and styled desktops. Images are high res, held on Dropbox, and offer product placement in the form of blank iPad and iPhones, mugs, and books.

Some of the beautiful desktop collections look like this:
Sarah Evelyn - The secret to perfect blog images

Sarah Evelyn - The secret to perfect blog images

Perfect blog images step 2: Edit and format consistently

As you’ll notice from the Pinterest boards I showed you above, consistency is KEY to perfect blog images (and it’s something I’m still very much working on).

So you’ll need to edit your images. Although you can use Canva, I generally use PicMonkey (shown below). If you’re keen to learn how to do amazing things in Canva, check out my friend Nicholette’s website – she’s ah-mazing, and I learn so much from her!

Sarah Evelyn - the secret to perfect blog images

The biggest trick to it is to limit your fonts to two. I use Avenir (which comes with Mac) and Greatesque.  After using largely white or grey text, I now use a dark navy blue (black is too dark, but the navy stands out well on my website and on Pinterest).

The editing tools are super easy in PicMonkey, so I add text, an overlay behind the text, and sometimes a border. You can also make collages really easily (choose any collage layout in a shape of your choice – you can add or takeaway blocks later). I’ll write a followup post on how I edit within PicMonkey.

And there you have it! What’s your secret to achieving perfect blog images?

Fancy a one-month editing & SEO trial? You got it! Send us a message here, and we’ll set it up for you.

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